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Lavender Shower Steamer

Lavender Shower Steamer

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Relax and unwind with this Lavender Shower Steamer. Made with pure lavender essential oil, this steamer will release a soothing and calming scent when activated by the steam of your shower. The fragrant vapors will help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, transforming your shower into a mini spa-like experience. The comforting scent of lavender will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for a good night's sleep. Simply place the steamer in the corner of your shower, away from the direct stream of water, and enjoy the calming benefits. Whether you're ending your day or just in need of some quiet time, this Lavender Shower Steamer is the perfect way to relax and unwind

These are NOT to be used in a bath! They have a high amount of essential oils and/or menthol which can be a skin irritant in a bath. 

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, kaolin clay, cream of tarter, menthol crystals, polysorbate 80, Essential oils, isopropyl alcohol, mica.


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